Taking the Confusion out of the Sustainable Furniture Market

This workbook is for every level of furniture sales from manufacturing and distribution to retail sales. Learn how to handle difficult questions and know what to say if a buyer or customer asks, “Is this FSC wood” or “How do I know this has VOC free paint?”

It also provides an example of what a sustainable, multi-attributed standard looks like. This paper is meant to be a work in progress and a template to help.

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The booklet is for:

Sales People who have to know how to honestly answer questions with answers that will resonate with their customers.

Furniture Store Managers who sales people turn to for answers when the questions get more difficult.

Furniture Buyers who have to buy items that will be remain competitive in an ever-greening market.

Store Owners who often have to wear all hats and don’t have time to take a course in what makes a product sustainable, let alone know how to market or position it.

Furniture Manufacturers who have to help all of the above with fact sheets and documentation of Life Cycle Assessment.

What others are saying…

“Thank you for writing such a great book… I think it is very, very good! You have done a great service to consumers and the industry and I appreciate it.”

Susan Inglis, Executive Director Sustainable Furnishings Council

“Ecolutionary Selling taps into the fundamentals of what it means to go sustainable. In an easy-to-read format, Mary takes the concept of sustainability and breaks it down for the Little Sprout in all of us.”

Chris Bruning, Owner  GroovyStuff

“This is an excellent piece for introducing novices to the evolving world of sustainability marketing. I intend to send several of my clients to your site so they can obtain their own copies of this important, insightful document.”

Dawn Brinson, Marketing Director  The Media Matters

“Thank you for all your great work.”

Lawdan Bazargan, President Solutions for Hospitality

“Mary, thanks for sharing your document. We found lots of relevant, timely information to help us improve and grow our sustainable business!”

Rodolfo Leiton  Brazil Pine Furniture

“Thank you very much for this great information! This will be very useful in our store, where sustainability is already a major concern, and I’m sure it will be invaluable to other retailers who are new to the concept of sustainability. Your efforts are much appreciated!”

Andy Whitcomb, Director of Sustainability and Design AREA 51

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