Throw a Pitch Like a Girl

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At Best Buy, they know that the more women they have on the sales floor, the higher the sales per store. What generic characteristics do women have that men don’t which can make them naturally more effective?

Neuromarketing ran a post a while back on how something as simple as a smile can increase sales. Which gender smiles more, males or females?  You don’t need to do any reaserach other than a lifetime of experience to know that answer.

Today they posted on How to Soften Up Your Prospects. The general wisdom is that if you place customers in a hard chair, they’ll negotiate less and you’ll get a better and higher level sale.

Research has found the opposite to be true. The more compfortatble the client, the more likely the sale will go in your direction. The coorelation goes as far to say that if the tactile cues before a sale are soft vs. edgy… the sale will go more smoothly in your direction. Which gender has softer items on and around them — males or females? Which gender tends to be more welcoming and warm?

The article takeaways:

  • Seat them in a soft chair.
  • If you hand them anything, avoid hard objects.
  • ….described in Heat Up Sales – With Coffee! (not coincidentally, based on research by John Bargh), offer them a warm beverage.

The takeaway for Sales Directors — embrace soft skills, social settings and your feminine side.


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