Where is Your Human Rights Statement?

August 15th, 2010 by Ecolutionary Selling Leave a reply »

Part 9 of 16 Things for a Green Sales Edge.

Do people really care about human rights, will they actually want to know before they buy a product if families in another country were impacted? The sad truth is, not enough would care, but the few do could cause big problems for your brand and stop a sale in it’s tracks.

No one wants to be guilty by association and now that companies are expected to know what their supply chain is doing, there is no place to hide and no excuse.

A human rights statement is the first step. It needs to be easy to locate on the corporate website so that the sales teams can point to it quickly. It also needs to be good for it’s word or the competition’s sales force will use it against you.

RainTech states the following:

We think that a successful company has a responsibility to increase stakeholder value, not just shareholder value. That means that we look out for our community, employees, purchasers, sellers, vendors, and the world in which we live. By using locally produced materials we lessen our footprint on the earth and contribute to our local economy. We also support numerous charitable organizations including Save the Rain and Charity Water, who work diligently to enable underserved communities to harness the power of the rain, thereby making a difference in their corner of the world.

At the end of the eco-day, co-creating a sustainable world means being kind to the planet and each other first and always before commission checks.


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