Is Your Packaging as Green as Your Product?

January 24th, 2010 by Ecolutionary Selling Leave a reply »

Part 3 of 16 Things for a Green Sales Edge.

It almost goes without saying, if your product is green, shouldn’t your packaging enhance that statement?

  • How have you cut back on packaging? One inventive company uses PODS to ship their building supplies directly to the site. How far can you cut back and still protect your goods? Once a product is “sold” do you really need to retell the story on each shipment or just get the product on site?
  • Is the packaging you have left recyclable? Is the cardboard of 100% FSC wood or recycled paper? Is the ink, soy-based ink? Have you eliminated polystyrene? Are you packing peanuts made of cellulose.
  • Will you take back packaging? Imagine opening 200 boxes of flooring material and now being left with piles of boxes. If you don’t take it back, do you know who takes the material locally that you could refer the buyer to?

Recycling should be part of every buyer’s consideration. How are you making it easier for your client to get over this disposal issue?

For more information on green packaging go to the 2009 winner



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