Know Thyself before Linking In.

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Do you have a Linked in Profile? Should you have a Linked in Profile? The answer is a well thought out, “Yes”!

Linked In is the first place professionals go to check each other out. They want to get a better feeling of who they just met at lunch or is calling on them to make a sale.

Before you fill out the Linked in form, however, stop and do a 360 assessment of yourself first. Linked in may look like a resume-type page, but it’s isn’t. Resumes stick to the what-have-you-done lately facts. They can be tailored to fit a specific job offering. Linked in is about letting your choices tell the story about your personality. Consequently it’s really hard to write a Linked In profile if you’ve been around the sales circuit for a while.

Here’s why.

Imagine that you’re just starting out in business, your professional dance card doesn’t have one company name or product on it. From a Google search point-of-view, you have nothing to worry about as nothing is attached to your name. What people see when you walk in the door is what they get.

Now imagine that you’ve been in sales for a couple of decades and have represented numerous product lines and services. If they all are listed on  your Linked In profile they’ll say one of two things, A) you are focused and have great experience or B) you’re going from opportunity to opportunity without any planning. Consequently, what your prospect reads before you walk in the door, is what they’ll be matching you up to when you arrive.

Now layer the green factor  on top. Do your personal and professional directions line up? (notice I say line up, not add up)  Are you an expert in your topic because it’s been your field a long time? Or are you new to the green world, yet passionate about the possibilities?

Your buyers are going to be looking for people who can help them navigate the emerging world of sustainable products and services, someone who can provide context to all the facts that may or may not be valid. Does your Linked In profile provide that reassurance?

If you’re in sales, then you must have a Linked In profile. Write and edit it wisely to closely reflect who YOU are first; then let what you’ve done magnify those personality traits.

You never know who will be reading your profile and what their interests are. Jobs and opportunities will come and go over the years, but your personality will always be the same. Don’t be afraid to show your green side.


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